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Kostnadsfritt webbinarium - Sustainable procurement for 2030


(Webinar hölls den 25 januari 2024) Din nästa textilupphandling bör inkludera textilier med återvunnet innehåll. Upphandlingskriterierna kommer att förändras och tillgången på traditionella material kommer att bli svårare i framtiden. Delta i vårt kostnadsfria webbinarium för att höra vilka steg du bör ta idag för att uppfylla morgondagens krav.

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FREE WEBINAR January 25th 2024

Did you know that:

  • The way you buy textiles will change soon by legislation
  • Recycled workwear is already here, ready to be produced
  • You should and can buy less workwear for your next procurement
  • These changes can and have already been done and they will have a significant positive change to our industry's overall commissions

Join us to hear what actions you can do today to comply and change the future

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Speakers at

Enough is Enough- webinar:

Mr. Stephane Popescu – What is EU working on regarding textiles and textile procurement? How has France taken the leading position in sustainable textile procurement?

Mrs Hanna Lehmuskoski – How has Finnish retail giant Kesko been gaining an advantage from sustainable procurement?

Mr. Tomi Hilvo – What is Sustainable Sales & Management here in the Nordics?

Mr. Anders Mixe What does it take to reform the procurement? Case Swedish healthcare company Capio.

Mrs Noora Salonoja What concrete actions a workwear company can take to enable sustainable procurement?

Tomi Hilvo will discuss with Anders Mixe and Noora Salonoja about their new approach to workwear procurement. They will talk about rethinking workwear and textile solutions and how the change is already here.

Anna-Kaisa Huttunen – How to join the “new normal” from the recycler’s perspective.