Improving wellbeing at work

Airpro’s continuous commitment to improving wellbeing at work was at the core of the new workwear project. Great customer service starts from employee satisfaction. The new collection was given a fresh, modern look that supports the company’s brand.

When designing the new collection, we also wanted to make sure the old clothing was recycled responsibly. The used workwear was given a new life.

Product demands

Airpro's workwear project focused on finding the right size for the garments, as the right size gives the garment more years of use. To help the end user to choose the right size, we used guides with fit pictures, the workwear online shop's size selection tool and the skilled professionals at Airpro clothing department.

Chosen materials

Collection uses high-quality materials and classic, timeless details to maximize the life of the products. The workwear design project was made user-friendly through good cooperation. Workwear collection projects can take few years to complete but there are lots of steps to be made in order to have the best possible outcome.

With Airpro new workwear collection an important trial run of the workwear was organized. This way it was possible to take into account the ideas and opinions of the end users.

It is important that workwear projects involve end-users at an early stage. Test runs of new workwear usually provide important insights into the daily challenges and opportunities of the users. Touchpoint workwear surveys can also include, for example, a short mood survey about the working day, giving our customers more important information from the field."

-Joni Mäenpää/ Sales Director Touchpoint

Finnish design
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