The airport personnel encounter people from all over the world every day. Workwear is important in expressing the company’s brand.

Improving wellbeing at work

Airpro’s continuous commitment to improving wellbeing at work was at the core of the new workwear project. Great customer service starts from employee satisfaction. The new collection was given a fresh, modern look that supports the company’s brand renewal. We wanted to include a number of different garments in the collection, so that the end user can mix and match to create different styles.

When designing the new collection, we also wanted to make sure the old clothing was recycled responsibly. The used workwear was given a new life as filling material for the furniture industry.

Product demands

The new workwear collection needed to be functional and comfortable. Innovative new materials and sustainability were also crucial in the design of the collection.

Chosen materials

97% of the collection has been produced nearby in audited factories.

The design for the scarves and ties draws inspiration from the aviation industry, specifically the airplane’s turbines.

Finnish design
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