Our concept

We can take care of everything related to workwear so our customers can focus on their core business.

1. Analysis

We start with an analysis of your needs, requirements and your sustainability preferences to tailor a solution fit for your organization.

All in order to ensure that our sustainable workwear solutions will have the desired impact on your business, and on the planet.

2. Design

The next step is to design your collection.

Without compromising on product design, functionality, quality or comfort, our design process aims to reuse textile raw materials, reduce the amount of virgin textiles used and lower Co2-emissions, among other things.

3. Prototyping & Testing

When the design is ready, we make prototypes of the collection to ensure it meets all your requirements of quality, durability, fit, appearance and branding.

The suitability of the collection is ensured by internal quality tests as well as end-user testing.

4. Production & Recycling

After the collection is approved it will go into production.

Our promise is that for each collection delivered, we’ll take back an equivalent amount of textiles from our customers for further processing. Your new collection will be a natural part of that loop.

5. Workwear Service

Based on the analysis, we suggest a range of services that will ensure customer adapted and efficient handling of your workwear with aim to reduce the environmental footprint.

Customized webshop, customer support, warehousing, distribution, and logistics area few of the services we offer.

6. Optimisation

In close cooperation with the customer we optimize the solution by gathering customer feedback and improving the collection and service set-up.

We are happy to help with Life Cycle Assessment and make suggestions that will keep improving your organizations environmental impact further.
We also provide calculations on the realized positive impacts of your collection.