About us

Our goal is to change the world one workwear garment at a time. We want to maintain our position as the forerunner in sustainable workwear solutions for a growing market.

Our approach

For us, workwear isn’t just workwear – it’s a whole lot more. Workwear is about the company’s brand, customer experience, employer satisafaction and efficient processes.

That’s why we take a 360 degree approach when working with our customers to find the best solutions for their needs.

We are

We are a small team of professionals located in Finland (Helsinki & Tampere) and in Sweden.

The development of our collection and service is an ongoing process, as our customers' needs change, workwear standards are updated and new, more environmentally friendly materials and solutions are introduced in  the market. We want to be at the forefront of bringing new innovations to our customers.

Reliable production partners and transparency in our production chains are paramount in our operations. We do not own our own production facilities but co-operate with carefully selected parties and the goal is always a long-term partnership and close co-operation.