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Where did our ambition to make carbon neutral workwear disappear?

You may have read on our website about our ambition to produce carbon neutral workwear. We actually took this statement out from our communications in the spring of 2024. Climate change tackling is an ongoing process. At Touchpoint, we have been compiling information on carbon inventories at company- and product level. We have reported our carbon footprint annually in our Sustainability Reports, where you can read more about what Touchpoint's corporate carbon footprint actually consists of. As a company, we could be called carbon neutral because we annually “offset” the emissions of our own operations (scope 2), which are not really that high. Nevertheless, we have chosen to remove the carbon neutral product target from our communications. Why?

Why we wanted to develop ReTouch fabric.

Europe is a very material-poor continent. Cotton hardly grows here, and polyester comes from crude oil which is itself a very controversial raw material. Why is ReTouch-fabric so innovative? One might ask.

Closing the loop: Touchpoint launches new workwear fabric ReTouch

Touchpoint, a pioneer in sustainable workwear solutions, launches a new workwear material made from textile processing company Rester’s recycled fiber. The recycled fibers are processed from end-of-life workwear. This is an important step towards a closed-loop recycling of textiles and more sustainable business models.

Enough is enough-Sustainable textile procurement. Webinar

Together with Rester, we decided to organize a webinar to give textile buyers some tips on how to make more sustainable procurement decisions. Watch the recording of the interesting discussion. You will get a lot of practical insights on how to improve textile procurements.

Free Webinar: Sustainable procurement for 2030

(Webinar was held on January 25, 2024)Your next textile procurement should include textiles with recycled content. Procurement criteria will change, and the supply of traditional materials will become more difficult in the future.


Touchpoint designed and produced a new workwear collection for its long-standing partner. The collection was designed for Airpro employees in customer service roles at airports in Finland. At first, the new workwear will be worn by security screeners, supervisors, and trainers at Helsinki Airport since the summer of 2023.