The collaboration between Hesburger and Touchpoint has lasted for over a decade. The workwear collection designed together in 2018 is 100% ecological, and that includes even the belt buckles.

From sustainable values to concrete action

Once again, the fast food chain Hesburger has strengthened its position as the sector’s international forerunner in sustainability. Hesburger's latest workwear collection is ecological, made entirely from sustainable, high-quality materials. All of Hesburger’s old uniforms will be recycled and given a new life as furniture. Hesburger and Touchpoint's cooperation is based on a shared will to do good and develop new, innovative sustainable solutions.

Product demands

New, innovative and sustainable.

Chosen materials

The t-shirts, for example, are made from the textile industry’s cutting waste, which would otherwise be of no value. The textile waste is collected, refibered and made into t-shirts.

The new collection is already the third that Touchpoint and Hesburger have developed together. With strong mutual trust we have created collections that are sustainable from the very beginning to the end. Every detail has been considered carefully and quality has not been compromised. Hesburger gives lot of importance to its employees. The patterns are fitted several times before the decisions are made and employees' opinions are highlighted.

It has always been easy to work with Hesburger since their awesome work atmosphere and innovativeness guides everything they do. Our collaboration is about encouraging and pushing each other towards better solutions.

litres of water saved in the production of each t-shirt
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