Together with Kaukokiito's workwear group we designed a "workear for a transportation industry pioneer" collection.

Workwear for a transportation industry pioneer.

We designed a new collection together with Kaukokiito's workwear group in 2022. The theme of the collection is "workwear for a transportation industry pioneer," and it responds to Kaukokiito's core themes of "work safety and responsibility". The design of the workwear collection takes into account various working conditions, ergonomic needs, and the breathability and maintenance of materials. Modern and sustainable workwear fabrics were chosen as the materials. A group consisting of transport company employees tested the workwear, and Touchpoint fine-tuned the collection for production based on feedback. Staff were involved in the workwear project from the start, and we interviewed users and took into account their workwear-related needs. The test group identified comfortable, flexible, and breathable workwear as an important area for improvement in terms of work stamina and improving it.

Product demands

The workwear must meet industry requirements, be sustainable, and durable enough to withstand heavy use. It is also consistent with Kaukokiito's values that clothes are worn until the end of their useful life and can be recycled sustainably.

Chosen materials

Modern and sustainable workwear fabrics.

It's great to be able to outfit the traditional transportation company Kaukokiito. This is a new, big step for us at Touchpoint, and it promotes Kaukokiito's leadership in sustainability efforts. We offer old, worn-out workwear a new life as industrial raw materials. Here, we utilize our owned textile recycling facility, Rester," says Touchpoint Sales Director Joni Mäenpää.

We wanted to start cooperation with Touchpoint because we believe that, as a pioneer in the workwear industry, they bring sustainable material choices and complete service to workwear for transport businesses. It is consistent with our values that clothes are worn until the end of their useful life and can be recycled responsibly. Touchpoint had a good domestic solution ready for this, adds Kaukokiito Production Manager Harri Puotinen.

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