A new workwear collection for Kotipizza restaurants was created in 2020. In addition to ecology and functionality, Kotipizza wanted the new workwear collection to be casual, rough and street-credible in a style that also sits on the Kotipizza restaurant look.

Sustainability in the middle of everything

For Kotipizza sustainability is really important whether it's raw materials, employee well-being or workwear. The collection was designed and tested together with Kotipizza's restaurants, and the material choices were made with a focus in sustainability. The collection includes t-shirts, chef's jackets, trousers, aprons and headwear. and when the workwear finally reaches the end of it's life, it will be recycled to a new raw material through our subsidiary Rester.

Product demands

Kotipizza's TOP priority for the collection was sustainability and functionality.

Chosen materials

In Kotipizza's kitchen workwear get into a lot of movement and we made the collection as functional as possible, so that the clothes are also comfortable to wear and can withstand even heavy consumption. Making a pizza can also be messy and it is almost impossible to avoid flour dust in the clothes so we solved this challenge by favoring shades of gray melange, which are more gracious to the distinctiveness of flour dust.

1653 l of water and 1,2 kg CO2
Savings with workwear that includes a t-shirt, pants and an apron.
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