Lapland Hotels

The customer’s voice and expressing their brand is at the core of each workwear project. The workwear collection for Lapland’s urban hotels fits their look perfectly.

In the center of Helsinki you can find a piece of magical Lapland. Lapland Hotels on Bulevardi opened in early 2019. Every detail in the hotel has been carefully considered, helping create a unique experience. The Lappish atmosphere is expressed through the décor, menu and workwear at the hotel in Helsinki as well as the other Lapland Urban Hotels in Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu. To create a sustainable workwear collection we focused on recycled materials as well as Finnish design and nearby production. The beautiful knitwear is made entirely from Finnish knitted fabrics.

Product demands

Sustainable materials that complement the company’s brand.

Chosen materials

Recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester. Breathable and functional chefs' shirts that provide comfort in the kitchen.

Circular economy is an important part of how Lapland Hotels operate. The hotels recycle all their machines, used textiles, furniture and of course their workwear.

unique Lappish experiences in Helsinki, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu
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