"The safety of personnel and patients are at the core of workwear design in the healthcare sector, which is why it was crucial to involve the end users in the development process. Together with safety and functionality we wanted to focus on sustainability and the life cycle of the materials."

Environmental values a crucial factor in healthcare’s workwear

Through a competitive tendering process, Touchpoint was chosen as Sakupe’s partner in the healthcare professionals’ workwear reform. The groundbreaking tendering highlighted sustainability and recyclability as key criteria alongside price and quality. We created a collection that emphasises sustainability in terms of material choices. With the right materials we can improve the product’s life cycle as well as ease the management of used textiles. Instead of being burned, the garments of the collection that include microfiber will be recycled back to raw material at the end of its life cycle. The collection was created in collaboration with healthcare professionals. The involvement of the end users was a crucial part of the product development.

Product demands

Recyclability, safety and comfort were the main criteria for Sakupe's new workwear collection.

Chosen materials

The garments made from microfibers can be recycled back to raw material.

The new collections will be in use at the Tampere University Hospital by the beginning of 2020. Later, the collection will be expanded to all five hospital districts of Sakupe Oy, including up to 20,000 people in total.

20 000
end users in total
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