”We are constantly thinking about how we could be more ecological and ethical. We are the first company in the cleaning industry to receive the “Joutsen”-mark in hotel cleaning, so it’s natural that we focus on sustainability when choosing our workwear as well.”

Sustainability was an important criterion for SOL when choosing a partner and materials for their new workwear collection. As the forerunner in its industry, the company has made an impressive choice to dress their close to 10 000 employees in ecological workwear. We created a collection made from sustainable materials, which have been produced using 345 000 recycled plastic bottles.

For SOL it was also important to communicate the ecological aspect of its workwear outwards, which is why all of the new garments will have the slogan “Sustainable choice by SOL” written in the back. The label inside the garment has information about the number of plastic bottles used in each product.

Product demands

Ecological and ethical. SOL looked for functionality and durability in their new workwear.

Chosen materials

rPES = recycled polyester. 345 000 recycled plastic bottles were used for the collection.

SOL’s workwear is the highest quality both in terms of functionality and durability. It adapts to the different tasks of  SOL’s employees: the collection includes 11 different pieces of clothing, with the idea of “mix and match” in mind.

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kg of CO2 emissions saved by using rPES materials
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