Our goal is to solve the waste problem in textile industry. Because there was no ready-made solution for textile waste recycling, we rolled up our sleeves and set up our own end-of-life textile refinement plant.
We produce clothes as needed and take care of them responsibly at the end of their life
Our planet is drowning in waste. In Scandinavia alone, more than 350 million kilos of textile waste are generated each year and most of it ends up for incineration. The transition of the textile industry from a linear model to a circular economy is essential, as virgin materials cannot sustain the current structure of the textile industry.
"The Paimio processing plant will begin a new era of textile circular economy in Finland."
We do not want to be part of the textile waste problem and therefore offer our customers responsible solutions for disposing the waste textiles. The Nordic countries’ first industrial end-of-textile refinement plant was opened in Paimio in 2021. It focuses on producing new raw materials from the textile waste.

Rester Oy - founded by Touchpoint and several other parties active in the textile industry and specialized in textile recycling is a circular economy company whose goal is to build a commercially viable and internationally significant solution for textile recycling.
The Paimio processing plant will begin a new era of textile circular economy in Finland. As industry pioneers, we are launching a system change in Scandinavia. The future plant will be able to process 12,000 tonnes of end-of-life textiles annually, which represents about 10% of Finland’s textile waste.

Both production lines produce recycled fibre which can be used for various industrial applications, including yarn and fabric, insulating materials for construction and shipping industries, acoustic panels, composites, non-woven and filter materials, and other technical textiles, such as geo-textiles. Read more about Rester from here.

Take Back

From the beginning of 2021, we committed to recycle all the textiles we have supplied into raw materials
From 2021 we committed to recycle all the textiles we deliver to our customers responsibly and to report recycling volumes on an annual basis.

For each new collection delivered, we will take back an equivalent amount of textiles from our customers for further processing. Our customers textiles do not end up in our atmosphere as smoke. Instead waste materials that have reached the end of their service life are processed into new raw materials for industrial needs in accordance with our commitment.