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Customer satisfaction survey 2023


For us, the satisfaction of our customers is important. That is why we regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys, so that we can also develop our operations based on them. Next, some data from our survey this spring. 

Most of the respondents (53.3%) work in procurement positions, and the next largest group (29.6%) works in management positions, the rest of the respondents were fairly evenly divided into different job positions. Most respondents (56.6%) already had a longer (more than 3 years) experience of cooperation with us.

It was nice to notice that despite the lack of resources and raw material problems caused by the war in Ukraine, our customers' satisfaction with our products had increased. While last year the majority (34.7%) gave our products a rating of 8, this year the majority (30%) gave the product a rating of 9 (scale 1-10). The price-quality ratio of the products was still perceived as good and the majority (25%) of our customers gave Touchpoint's customer service a rating of 9.

In the open feedback answers, we received corrective feedback about delivery times and shipments. We recognize that some of our customers need all the ordered products at once, and for some it is better to send the orders in several batches. So, our development task for the next few years is to better adapt our delivery service to the customer.

There was positive feedback especially regarding our service. We are very proud of this, because the changing world situation has brought unprecedented challenges. We have been able to solve these issues together with our customers, and this has contributed to increasing the dialogue with our customers. Challenges will continue to be faced transparently and together with our customers. That is our promise.

We would also like to thank everyone who participated in our survey! We received a lot of valuable information that we can use to improve our service even more! You can also send us feedback or development ideas at any time, we will gladly accept them.

Have a sunny start to autumn!