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Our support for the Finnish Hospital Clowns Association


The Finnish Hospital Clowns Association Sairaalaklovnit ry is a non-profit organization, whose trained clown doctors visit children’s wards entertaining and cheering up the little patients and their families. The hospital clowns help the children forget their illness for a moment, and to be cheerful, laugh freely, and clown around during their hospital stay.

We at Touchpoint have been supporting the clowns for a second year now. The collaboration started last year, when we made team hoodies for the clowns. This year it was the turn for the clown jackets, which were modified for their purpose with the help of our partners. The doctor jackets were from our own healthcare collection. And with a little tuning, we even got some good extra life for the clowns' old jackets to help them to do their important work. Also in the future, we are going to make sure that the clowns' will be dressed up to the nines!

In the fall we got some surprise visitors to Lauttasaari, when a few red noses arrived to our office and ended up interviewing our team. See from the video how the visit and interview went! Unfortunately for our non Finnish speaking readers the video is only in Finnish.