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Rester Greetings


We are the biggest owner in Rester OY, a company offering textile recycling solutions and enabling the recovery of business textiles into a new textile fibre and quality raw material. Rester has been up and running since the end of 2021 and currently, our recycling plant in Paimio can process 6,000 tonnes of end-of-life textiles per year. In 2021, Rester Oy has received more than 340 tonnes of textiles that would otherwise have ended up as waste. Significant environmental savings will be made when the textile fibers are reused.

💡 The savings made possible in 2021 are: 181 million liters of water and 1.3 million kg of Co2e. As a comparison to the savings, 118 Finns cause similar greenhouse Co2e emissions during a year.