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Taitaja 2023: Celebration of Skills, Innovation, and the Future


Taitaja 2023 event brought together talented young professionals from various fields to compete, inspire, and celebrate their skills. Taitaja 2023 was a true celebration of skills, innovation, and the future of the working life. Around 370 young students from vocational education competed for the Finnish championship medals. Medals were awarded in 47 disciplines, including five TaitajaPLUS disciplines designed for students requiring special support.

The event emphasized sustainable development, occupational safety, and entrepreneurship, themes that should be reflected in all Taitaja disciplines. This year, the Sustainable Development Taitaja Award was granted to the customer service and sales discipline, and we at Touchpoint are proud to support this important award.

Viljami Turve, a gold medalist in plumbing installation from Tampere Vocational College Tredu, was chosen as Taitajien Taitaja 2023. The selection is made annually among the gold medalists, and the winner is someone who proudly showcases their skills and passion for their profession during the competition. The chosen individual also serves as a representative for Taitaja competitions and vocational education until the next year's Taitaja event. In line with tradition, Taitajien Taitaja is awarded a car, and Ville Turve will have the privilege of using a fully electric Volvo C40 model for a year.

Taitaja 2023 provided young professionals with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their skills, find inspiration, and envision the future. The event was filled with enthusiasm, talent, and craftsmanship, bringing together young talents, educational institutions, and industry experts. Once again, congratulations to all the winners and everyone who made Taitaja 2023 an unforgettable experience. The skills, passion, and creativity of these young professionals shone brightly, and they are the future achievers in their respective fields!

Key Figures of Taitaja 2023:

• 50 disciplines and demonstration disciplines

• 378 competitors, including 20 international participants

• 400 corporate and organizational partners

• 1,700 students involved in the organization

• 85,000 event visitors

Sustainable Development Award and Discipline Coordinators Riitta Hartikka & Minna Järvinen.