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Why we wanted to develop ReTouch fabric.


Europe is avery material-poor continent. Cotton hardly grows here, and polyester comes from crude oil which is itself a very controversial raw material.


Why is ReTouch-fabric so innovative? One might ask. Fabrics made from recycled materials have been around for years. And we are well aware of this. We've used fabrics with recycled polyester, which comes from waste from the plastics industry. We've also used cotton, which comes from the cutting waste of the textile industry. And do not get us wrong, the above are really good substitutes for virgin fabrics.

But never before (add intense drum roll) has the origin of the fiber in our garment been Suomi/Finland.

ReTouch Recipe:

Workwear and Sheets are collected from all over the Nordic countries and they have gone through Rester's fiber recovering process. Some virgin raw material has been added to the extent that the material passes the quality criteria required for workwear.

- In between, of course, the yarns and fabric are made and dyed and all of that-

Aaand the ReTouchfabric is born. A fabric that complies with the principles of the circular economy and is resource efficient.