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2022 Recap


The year 2022 is coming to an end and it's time to look back at everything that has happened in our company. Here is a light overview of our year!

Going global

Internationalisation was strongly present in our year! Our first significant international customership became concrete when the first workwear from the Capio collection were put into use this year. We also established a company in Sweden, and Marko Ruotsalainen started as country manager for Sweden.


Operations in Sweden

TP in Swedish


We started cooperation with Kaukokiito and together with them we designed a "workwear for a pioneer in the transport industry" collection. In addition, we wanted to support our Ukrainian production partner together and made "Made in Ukraine" summer shirts for Kaukokiito.

Made in Ukraine

Rester doing good

Rester's year has been fast-paced. Rester also expanded its operations to Sweden during this year by establishing a company there. One significant project that we started with Rester this year is the workwear-to-workwear project, where the purpose is to make high-quality workwear fabrics that will contain recycled textiles originating from end-of-life workwear. More about this also below in one of our blog posts.

Workwear-to-workwear collection

Nordic pioneers convert used work clothes into new raw material

Touchpoint's blog

This year we started writing a blog, hurray! The topics are mainly in the textile industry and the circular economy. The new blog was named Touchpoint of View, you might want to give it a read!

#1: What is the best fabric of them all?

#2: Diving into the Touchpoint supply chain

#3: Carbon footprint

#4: Circular Textile Days

#5: EU's separate textiles waste collection and recycling obligation

#6: From workwear to workwear - Where are we now?

Familiar from TV!

You might have seen our products on TV this year as well, because the MasterChef chefs wore our products in the kitchen. In addition to this, the artisans of the Aarrepaja (The Repair Shop) program had our aprons as their protection in their demanding tasks.


Circular economy mornings

This year, we spent two interesting circular economy mornings with interesting speakers at our Helsinki office. The feedback of the circular economy mornings has been quite positive and these will certainly be organized next year as well.

Autumns circular economy morning

The Finnish Hospital Clowns

We continued to support The Finnish Hospital Clowns Association activities this year as well, and the fun cooperation will continue next year also. The clowns also made a surprise visit to our office, which you can watch video footage of below.

Hospital clowns in Lauttasaari

Brand video

Our new brand video was also completed in the second half of the year. If you haven't seen it yet, click the link below to quickly watch it! 😉

Touchpoint brand video

Thank you everyone for the year 2022 and see you next year!